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The College of Polymer Material and Engineering offers four-year undergraduate courses for B. Eng.. They should study a variety of subjects outside the major fundamental courses (maths and physics). After four-year education, the students should have the ability to serve the fundamental industry with modern scientific technology of Polymer Material and Engineering, even boost the research product transfer to industry. Overall, the students should be able to do scientific research, product & process design, R. & D. for new technology or equipment, technical administration and so on. The annually recruitment for undergraduate students is 350~400.

The major fundamental courses are inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, as well as mathematics, physics, computer science and foreign language.

The emphasis courses are Polymer Chemistry , Polymer Physics , Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering, the prinicple of polymer material processing,Polymeric Materials and Their Application.

* Ph.D. and Master's Programs

we also offers three-year graduate courses leading to M.Sc. and post graduate programs for Ph.D. degree. There are Almost 50 graduate supervisors and we can enroll 100~120 graduate students for Master degree annually. There are 30 doctoral supervisors in Polymer Material and Engineering. We can enroll 30-40 postgraduate students for Ph.D. degree annually.