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 Polymer Material and Engineering 
 Polymer Material Processing Engineering 
 Biomedical Engineering 
The major of polymer material and engineering is composed of the former sever undergraduate majorities: polymer material, plastics engineering, polymer material processing machinery, mold design and manufacture, polymer chemical engineering, compounded material and chemical fiber, etc. The subject of polymer material and engineering of the university is a national key subject, and has set up a undergraduate student training base of polymer material and engineering of Sichuan Province. It is also the chief member of polymer material and engineering major teaching director committee of the ministry of education.
This major aims at the training of specialized person on polymer material and engineering. The students grasp those specialized basic knowledge which includes a foreign language, computer technology, polymer chemistry and physics, etc.They are to be advanced specialized person who grasp theories of polymer material and advanced molding technologies of all kinds of polymer material parts and are qualified with the abilities of polymer material developing and application, special type material development, preparing of fiber-forming polymer and fiber molding, plastic molding, design of polymer material processing machinery and mold with the training in the field of polymerization, molding, structure characterization and property testing generally.