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Main Published Papers


Main Published Papers
01  Ning, NY; Luo, F; Wang, K; Zhang, Q; Chen, F; Du, RN; An, CY; Pan, BF; Fu, Q.Molecular Weight Dependence of Hybrid Shish Kebab Structure in Injection Molded Bar of Polyethylene/Inorganic Whisker Composites,JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B,2008(112 )45, 14140-14148
02  Tang, CY; Xiang, LX; Su, JX; Wang, K; Yang, CY; Zhang, Q; Fu, Q Largely improved tensile properties of chitosan film via unique synergistic reinforcing effect of carbon nanotube and clay JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2008(112)13,3876-3881
03  He, J; Yan, B; Yu, BY; Wang, SL; Wang, XA; Wang, J; Zeng, Y; Ran, R; Wang, YH.Fine adjustment of network in polymer network liquid crystal film employing RAFT polymerization,JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY,2008(46)9,3140-3144
04  Liang, S; Yang, H; Wang, K; Zhang, Q; Du, R; Fu, Q Unique crystal morphology and tensile properties of injection-molded bar of LLDPE by adding HDPE with different molecular weights ACTA MATERIALIA,2008(56)1,50-59
05  Huang, YJ; Wang, R; Sun, YJ; Li, GX; Chen, GL; Yang, Q Simulation on the phase behavior of binary blends contacted with external surfaces under two-step quench conditions ACTA MATERIALIA,2008(56)6,1173-1181
06  Hou, ZC; Wang, K; Zhao, P; Zhang, Q; Yang, CY; Chen, DQ; Du, RN; Fu, Q Structural orientation and tensile behavior in the extrusion-stretched sheets of polyp ropylene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes’ composite,POLYMER,2008(49)16,3582-3589
07  Ning, NY; Yin, QJ; Luo, F; Zhang, Q; Du, R; Fu, Q.Crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of polypropylene/halloy site composites,POLYMER,2007(48),25,7374-7384
08  Wang, K; Chen, F; Zhang, Q; Fu, Q.Shish-kebab of polyolefin by #melt manipulation# strategy in injection-molding: A convenience pathway from fundament to application,POLYMER,2008(49)22,4745-4755
09  Liang, S; Wang, K; Chen, DQ; Zhang, Q; Du, RN; Fu, Q.Shear enhanced interfacial interaction between carbon nanotubes and polyethylene and formation of nanohybrid shish-kebabs,POLYMER,2008(49)23,4925-4929
10  Wu, JR; Huang, G; Pan, QY; Zheng, J; Zhu, YC; Wang, B.An investigation on the molecular mobility through the glass transition of chlorinated butyl rubber,POLYMER,2007(48)26,7653-7659
11  Dai, K; Li, ZM; Xu, XB.Electrically conductive in situ microfibrillar composite with a selective carbon black distribution: An unusual resistivity-temperature behavior upon cooling,POLYMER,20089(49)4,1037-1048
12  Zhong, GJ; Li, ZM; Li, LB; Shen, KZ.Crystallization of oriented isotactic polypropylene (iPP) in the presence of in situ poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) microfibrils,POLYMER,2008(49)19,4271-4278
13  Zhang, RC; Xu, Y; Lu, A; Cheng, KM; Huang, YG; Li, ZM.Shear-induced crystallization of poly(phenylerte sulfide).POLYMER,2008(49)10,2604-2613
14  Huang, L; Yang, W; Yang, B; Yang, MB; Zheng, GQ; An, HN.Banded spherulites of HDPE molded by gas-assisted and conventional injection molding,POLYMER,2008(49)19,4051-4056
15  Tang, XG; Yang, W; Shan, GF; Yang, MB; Xie, BH; Fu, Q.Double yielding in PA6/TPV-MAH blends: Effect of dispersed phase with different content, modulus,POLYMER,2007(48)25,7404-7413
16  Zhao, CS; Yu, BY; Qian, BS; Wei, Q; Yang, KG; Zhang, AM.BPA transfer rate increase using molecular imprinted polyethersulfone hollow fiber membrane,JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE,2008(310)1-2,38-43
17  Liang, S; Wang, K; Tang, CY; Zhang, Q; Du, RN; Fua, Q.Unexpected molecular weight dependence of shish-kebab structure in the oriented linear low density polyethylene/high density polyethylene blends,JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS.2008(128)17,0-0